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The innovative workout with Hertz.
2x20 Minuten pro Woche - amplitrain-EMA-Training

amplitrain: Short. Effective. According to plan.

amplitrain is an innovative and highly effective high-tech workout concept based on electrical muscle activation: EMA. It offers a time-saving, gentle, and extremely effective whole- body workout.

amplitrain uses the body‘s own principle to stimulate muscle activity through electrical impulses. This is done using a sophisticated terminal, the amplicube, high-tech electrodes incorporated in the suit, and a smart app. The suit and thus also the electrodes are connected to our amplicube.

Build up muscles faster and more gently using electrical impulses in the modulated mid-frequency range of 2000 Hz. 2 x 20 minutes of EMA training per week give you the same
effect as many hours of a classic workout in the fitness center. This is valuable time that you can save. This also makes the short and effective EMA workout easy to fi t into your daily routine.

Whether in the fitness studio or on the move – the amplicube‘s powerful battery makes it smart, wireless, and mobile. The power supply mode guarantees unlimited workout pleasure.

amplitrain offers the perfect workout!

Workout with Hertz.


Working out with amplitrain helps you reach your personal goals while offering clear advantages over ordinary fitness solutions or EMS training.

2000 Hertz-amplitrain
2000 Hertz modulated mid-frequency-amplitrain-EMA-training

amplitrain's products.

Workout can not
be smarter.

amplitrain is based on a smart and highly effective high-tech training concept that can be configured to suit your needs thanks to various innovative components.

The new amplicube boosts EMA training to the next level: exercising becomes even easier and more mobile! The new workout device amplicube, the new EMA suit amplisuit and the versatile control software ampliapp - a standard-setting trio!

amplitrain s







Award Winning.

Innovative &

amplitrain-Testimonial-Marc Girardelli

Marc Girardelli

Olympic athlete

“As a former professional athlete, maintaining and building muscles is as important for me as alleviating the long-term consequences of serious injuries. I have achieved both through the unique EMA training from amplitrain in a very short time – and in a sustainable manner. EMA training in the mid-frequency range has proven to be much more pleasant and effective than comparable EMS training concepts in the low-frequency range. That’s why amplitrain is my absolute number one!”

amplitrain-Testimonial-Dr. med. Felix Post

PD Dr. F. Post

Doctor of internal medicine / cardiology / intensive care

“Our observations have shown that EMA training with myo-modulation in the modulated mid-frequency from amplitrain can have a significantly positive effect on patients with arterial hypertension (high blood pressure, severity level 2-3). The reduction in blood pressure after a few weeks is comparable to the effect of drug-based monotherapy and starts quickly. Isometric EMA workouts can thus help treat high blood pressure and prevent secondary diseases as part of a holistic concept including drug therapy and a lifestyle change.”

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