EMA training.


EMA training: energized innovation.

Exercise effectively and gently! The amplitrain training concept is based on electrical muscle activation (EMA). Mid-frequency functionally treats and physiologically activates entire muscle groups.

The multi-variant EMA training is extremely versatile: From the gentle build-up of muscles for back problems, rehabilitation following injuries, to shaping body contours and help with weight reduction, through to muscle building for professional athletes. EMA training taps into a large target group of fitness buffs who can be catered to at any time with just a few clicks.

Muscle Building

Musculature is trained over a large area and with a depth effect. Significantly increases fitness. Eccentric movements result in additional muscle stimulation.


The core muscles can be built up and stabilized in a short time and with minimal effort, counteracting tension and long-term back problems.

Body Shaping

Specially arranged electrodes help tighten even body parts that are difficult to reach with a conventional workout. The result: generally tightened body contours.

Weight Reduction

Not only builds up muscles, but also stimulates metabolism thanks to the cell-activating properties of the mid-frequency range. This enables optimal weight reduction while helping regenerate stressed tissues right after the workout.


Gentle electrical impulses promote pleasant muscle regeneration right after the workout. Even deepseated muscle tension can be relieved in this manner.


The customized EMA training programs enable use during periods of injury as well as progressive, jointfriendly training during rehabilitation.

Competitive Sport

amplitrain is suitable for competitive athletes. It is also time-saving and efficient as a supplementary workout for muscle building or rehabilitation.

Company Fitness

Mobile, very little equipment and usable by several people at the same time. Ideal for company fitness.

2000 Hertz-amplitrain
2000 Hertz modulated mid-frequency-amplitrain-EMA-training

Working out with amplitrain's EMA training helps you reach your personal goals while offering clear advantages over ordinary fitness solutions or EMS training. Our EMA workout concept offers features that will impress you:








Suitable for Seniors


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