amplitrain S.

The proven classic with a high resolution display.

Gentle and intense training with amplitrain S.

The amplitrain S is the first device worldwide that relies on modulated mid-frequency for this workout method. As the first EMA device ever, it is the classic of our training system and is still available. The digital technology can activate muscles either via the motor nerves (neuro-modulation) or right in the muscle cell without irritating the nerve tracts (myo-modulation). This allows more muscle groups to be reached, and the muscle activation is also gentler and more intense. One possible combination, the neuro-myo-modulation, further enhances this effect and enables a goal-oriented workout.

amplitrain s - Der Klassiker
Der amplitrain s - Detail
10-inch color display
USB port
Calorie display
Display of the set workout intensity
35 pres-set workout programs
20 languages selectable
Switching the current flow direction
24 months warranty
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