The smart and mobile amplitrain remake.

Individual EMA training with amplicube.

The amplicube is small, smart, mobile, and can do everything amplitrain S can do. It is the further development of the amplitrain S and the new heart of the training concept. You can navigate via ampliapp, which connects the tablet and amplicube via Bluetooth 4.0. You can thus select existing workout programs quickly and easily, and create customized workouts. ampliapp allow you to control up to four cubes simultaneously.


amplicube's accessories.

Power supply unit
1 Li-ion battery (14.4 V / 2.9 Ah)
Distribution cable and distributor
10" tablet with installed app
Operation manual
Free creation of workout programs via ampliapp
Up to four people can work out on one cube system
Each of the channels is individually controllable
Pairing via Bluetooth 4.0 to the tablet
Selection of workout programs via the tablet
Pairing of up to three assists to a master cube
Bluetooth 4.0
Sterile aluminum housing
Touch-sensitive controls on an elegant glass interface
Battery operation also possible
8 Channels
Made in Germany
1.5 kg of weight
15x15x13 cm small
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